Eams Change Of AddressHas your address changed?

Let us help you update it with the DWC.

Claims Administrators, representatives, and lien claimants can update the EAMS database with one request. When the addresses are updated, both pre-existing cases and new cases will reflect the new address.

Employers and non-UAN parties must notify the district offices and all case participants of changes of name, mailing address, or telephone number. EDEX can manage each step of this process for you. Please see more information below.

EAMS Change of Address Form

Contact Information

Physical Address

Mailing Address

Only for Employers and Other Parties:

As an employer or other party, you are required to serve the case participants on cases where you are listed as a party. If you would like us to order a list of all of your cases, we can do so for $99.00.

Upon submitting this information, you will receive an emailed document that has been pre-populated with your address change information. Please sign the form and fax or email back per the directions on the form.