#TeamEDEXIS – Supporting Those Who Share Our Values

by Chris Floyd

We promote success by recognizing people and organizations that share our company values.

The family, the environment, animal rescue and feeding the hungry. That’s what we’re all about.
Many companies treat employees like numbers. I know some of my former employers did. Perhaps you’ve felt like a number in the past or, even worse, you’re treated like a number with your current employer.

EDEX Information Systems chose to be different.

We’re not Google. Or Microsoft. Or Apple, Oracle or any of the other leading tech firms that do your dry cleaning and shuttle you to work and back on a private bus. With a staff of 13 employees, we’re small by Fortune 500 standards, but – dare I say it – when it comes to our employees we’re better than all of them.

Me, in my other career.

I had a great reference for the model I wanted to build in my own company. It came from my career in law enforcement in San Jose.  I worked with some great fellow officers that each dedicated themselves to working together as part of a team helping others.

When I founded EDEX Information Systems in the 1990’s I set out to build a dynamic team that worked together as family, not simply as co-workers. Everyone we hired had to believe that by helping others we help ourselves. This motto forms the principles of what we call #TeamEDEXIS: We believe in, and actively support, The family, the Environment, Animal rescue and Meals for the hungry.

That’s our T-E-A-M philosophy.

It’s easy to talk the talk, to tell the world you believe in something while quietly dismissing the same values in your actual day-to-day life. Not us. We walk the walk.

It starts at the top with our owners and company management. We all came from backgrounds where former employers made life more difficult for employees than it should have been. Seldom did any of us give heart and soul to a company because rarely were we treated as more than our employee number. That’s why EDEX Information Systems set out from day one to foster a truly supportive environment that allows our employees to be the very best they can be.

How? Let me tell you.

We know the family is an important extension of every employee. Family, particularly children, have always been welcome in the office. We provide a comfortable place for kids to relax, do homework, and get some after-school snacks in our kitchen. Some employees had new babies while working for us and we happily welcomed the baby to work with mom (or dad!). I remember setting up playpens right next to employee desks, and bounced quite a few babies on my knee while on phone calls with unsuspecting clients. In fact, some of those babies are now in high school and college and have started working in our document delivery center part-time after school. Every day is bring-your-child-to-work day here, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We support our employee families and those who provide support services to children and families.

We also commit to environmental issues, from having a Chief Recycling Officer who makes sure we round up everything we can, to using soy-based toner and recycled products whenever possible. Carpools, work-from-home options and energy saving fixtures are all a part of our daily lives. We strive to reduce our environmental footprint and support those who help create a better environment for the generations to come.


Rescue animals are close to my heart. I can’t imagine not having Turbo, my six-pound rescue chihuahua, here in the office – usually tucked inside my shirt (his favorite spot). On any given day I also see Barley, Sophie, Miner, Bear, Rocky and other four-legged fur balls galavanting throughout the building in search of treats and an occasional belly rub.  As a company, we know animals bring happiness, can lower blood pressure and provide a needed change of pace that helps our team clear their heads for a few minutes. A quick walk outside does wonders for the employee and the dog. Sure it can be a zoo at times, especially when Alan, our UPS driver, arrives and the dogs all go nuts. But who doesn’t love a zoo? If you’re on the phone with us and hear the dogs go nuts you can bet the UPS guy, the mailman, or our FedEx guy are close at hand.  I apologize for the background noise you might hear. If you want a good laugh watch Turbo say hello to Alan in his own special way (yes, we filmed it!). We actively support animal rescue and adoption and those people and organizations that support the needs of rescue animals.

Lastly, we live in a very small community where a portion of our population sometimes worry where their next meal will come from. Our staff works with the local food bank to donate money and supplies which then get distributed directly to those in need. We help feed the hungry and support those who help provide food and resources to people in need.
Soon our web application will allow our customers to select specific non-profit organizations to receive a portion of the proceeds from every transaction. Our donations to these charities will be made on behalf of our customers. That’s one more way EDEX Information Systems gives back to help others.

If you know of a person or company that shares our values please let us know. We’ll gladly recognize them on our TeamEDEXIS page, consider a future donation to their cause, and perhaps even write about them here on our site.

Learn more about Laughton Ranch, a #TeamEDEXIS animal rescue superstar, in Julia Burns story about the 2015 Butte Fire in Amador and Calaveras Counties.

Happy trails and happy tails.