State DWC EAMS Upgrade Causes September Data Problems

by Chris Floyd

The State of California upgrade to its EAMS application over labor Day weekend caused a nearly month-long data problem for the state EDEX servers.

Over Labor Day weekend in early September 2018, the State of California upgraded its EAMS court system with new software. These changes had unexpected side effects which created data reporting errors in the state EDEX system.

Fortunately, our programmers constantly monitor the EDEX system and began seeing missing data immediately after the state upgrade and reported the problems to the state programmers who were unaware of the problems. They researched our reports and confirmed the EAMS upgrade did cause the data problems we found. 

Beginning Tuesday September 4 we found problems with some case searches, case watches, hearing notices, significant event notices, and other data. We worked with the state to help them debug their data, and as of Monday September 25 it appears the state has successfully repaired their software problems.

If you were affected by this state data problem please contact our customer support team by email at or by phone toll-free at 866-438-3339. We are in the process of purging  corrupted data responses the state generated earlier this month and will reprocess these transactions.