Relax! EDEX makes forms easy!

by Andrea Macon

Whether you are filing forms electronically into EAMS or simply need to generate a form to mail to another party, EDEX automates those forms for you.

An automated form pulls default data from your account, from WCAB case information (when applicable), from WCAB UAN lists, and from custom interface pages that prompt you to fill in any necessary data. For example, here is the interface for a Notice of Phone Availability. Those items highlighted in yellow are entered with every document creation.

Everything else automatically populates by simply entering the WCAB case number.

These forms can be customized to your purpose. They can be filed electronically into EAMS when appropriate or simply mailed via our mailing service if filing isn’t needed.

Documents available with every account for electronic filing into EAMS include:

  • Lien
  • Lien Amendment
  • Applications of Adjudication
  • Declaration of Readiness
  • Compromise and Release (creates C&R for signatures and then allows you to upload that form electronically)
  • Stipulation with Request for Award
  • Request for Order Taking off Calendar
  • Request for Withdrawal of Lien
  • Request for Withdrawal of DOR
  • Notice of Phone Availability
  • Notice of Representation (with a tracking feature that reports successful addition to party record)
  • Unstructured Forms
  • Forms created and customized for you

Documents already available for mailing:

  • Notice of Additional Supporting Documents
  • Notice of Hearing
  • Post Settlement Demand Letter
  • Request for Insurance Claim Number (linked to website so carrier can submit the number online)
  • Forms created and customized for you

All forms have the option of an automated proof of service, whether you would like to do your own service or if you would like to use our mail services. All documents are archived in your account for future access as a PDF and anytime we provide service, the recipients are logged and delivery is reported when applicable.

If you are currently using EAMS to file your documents, there are many differences:

EDEXOne Includes:

  • Automatically generated proof of service and many verifications.
  • Unlimited users that can access the site simultaneously
  • Same day account set up will have you filing immediately
  • Advanced automated data population
  • Notification of the rare failed filing. No need to write down and track EAMS filing confirmations.
  • Archived forms
  • Party delivery
  • Firefox, Chrome, and Safari Compatible
  • Automated Hearing Calendar
  • FileNet Document Viewing
  • Lien Payment Confirmation Number Capture
  • Leave a filing and finish later
  • Batch filing (file all of your NOR’s simply be sending us a spreadsheet of cases).
  • 24-Hour submission of filing (sorry to make you work late).

To learn more, give us a call. We are happy to walk you through a filing or provide a complete webinar training. You can also learn more here:

EDEX Information Systems, Inc.