New SB1160 Lien Declaration Details Revealed by the State

by Andrea Macon

SB 1160 Requirements Have Finally Been Revealed!

It’s been a few months since California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB1160. And the DWC is finally releasing the details of the SB1160 Lien Declaration and there is more to know than meets the eye.   

When filing the retroactive declaration, you will need to reference the original lien reservation number.  Our system will automatically recognize that information for you for both single transactions and bulk filing.

You will need to declare “Provider Type” on both retroactive and new liens.  The available types are shown below.  As always, we can add a default Provider Type to your account. 

  • A. Ambulatory Surgical Center 
  • B. Diagnostics Medical-Legal
  • C. Diagnostics Med Treatment
  • D. Facility
  • E. Group Practice
  • F. Hospital
  • G. Outpatient Facility
  • H. Pharmacy
  • I. Physical Therapy
  • J. Physician-Medical-Legal
  • K. Physician-Medical Treatment
  • L. Urgent Care
  • M. Copy Service
  • N. Interpreter
  • O. Transportation
  • P. None of the Above

If you are provider types A through L you are required to include your NPI Number. This can be added as an account default in our system. 

If you are provider types M through P you are required to include your License or Certification Number. This can also be added as an account default in our system. 

When filing the retroactive declaration, you will also need to know the service date of your original lien. If you originally filed through our service, that information can be automatically populated.

Starting January 1, you will need to include your original supporting invoice and your itemized statement with the lien.

In preparation of all declarations to be filed starting January, please email our office to update your account information. We will need to know your Provider type and associated NPI or license number. If you are collecting on behalf of other entities please send us their information as well as your own.

For fastest results please email the information above to, or feel free to give us a call at (209) 223-3461 and we can take the information over the phone.