New EDEXIS Report & Dogs With Confetti

by Andrea Macon

Another custom report is available for our users – this one helps break down your invoices.


Ask and you shall receive (Usually.  I mean really, for the LAST time, we cannot bring you your cup of coffee.  We’d like to be that helpful, but there are limits.  Not many, but some.)  So where was I? Oh yes,  delivering the new feature news (throw confetti).

By popular request, we now have a report that itemizes your invoices by transaction.  This includes the case number, the injured worker name, and even the user that requested the transaction among other useful tidbits of data.  If you would like a copy of this report (and who wouldn’t?), just shoot us an email at and we’ll set you up for automatic receipt as often as you’d like to receive it. 

Hmmm.  Now who I am going to get to clean up all this confetti? Too bad all of our company dogs don’t actually have some useful skills. 

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