New: Companion Case Liens

by Andrea Macon

Repetitive work is often frustrating, time consuming, and expensive. Until now, that has certainly been true of filing companion case liens. Because the DWC doesn’t allow the filing of liens on companion cases, each lien had to be filed one at a time.

That is no longer true with EDEXOne. While your liens are still filed individually in the background to accommodate DWC limitations, the EDEXOne interface allows you to submit all of your liens for one injured worker at one time. Our smart automation handles the rest. This includes recognizing that the $150 filing fee is only charged on the first non-exempt lien, but not on the additional liens.

When companion cases are selected with any filing, the address record for each case is automatically included when you choose the parties to serve. This ensures that you are serving everyone necessary at one time. This is a huge cost and time saver.

This feature does only apply to liens that are filed with the same supporting documentation.

If you are still using our older software version and haven’t upgraded to EDEXOne yet, you will not have access to Companion Case Lien Filing. There are many other upgrades that are not available in our older platform as well — this is a great time to upgrade. There’s no additional cost required.

As with all of our services, if you would like a guided tour or additional help when you file your first companion case lien, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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