Mailing made easy…

by Andrea Macon

No printing, envelopes, or stamps needed.

How do you currently send your mail? If I had to guess, I bet it looks something like this:

  1. Print your document. (Costs include toner, paper and your time.)
  2. Compile all necessary papers and insert into an envelope.
  3. Label the envelope.
  4. Apply postage. If you have a Pitney Bowes meter, you pay an exorbitant rental fee plus postage, plus the cost of your time.
  5. Take to the post office, or drop in a box, or have the postman pick up. All of these options have become more complicated with Covid. If you are working from home, even more so.

Your mailing process could actually be this simple:

  1. Upload the document you want to mail via EDEX. DONE! This one easy step includes:
  • Multiple mailing services: First Class, Certified, Certified Return Receipt, or Priority Mail
  • Your logo printed in black and white with your return address on the envelope.
  • An option to include a tag line on the outer envelope.
  • Optional Proof of Service
  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope can be included.
  • Double sided or single sided mailing.
  • Archived documents and detailed reporting for delivery services.
  • Mailing is included with a standard EDEX account or as a stand-alone service with quick, online sign up.
  • Clio Integration
  • Resident template documents within your account for frequently used documents.
  • Automatic population of California Workers’ Compensation case data when applicable.
  • Automated, importable, address book for quick addition of recipients.
  • Select unlimited, multiple recipients for any document.
  • Upload documents in Word and PDF

If you already have an account, please give us a call and we can quickly walk you through the mailing process and answer any questions. If you don’t have an account, and need other work comp services such as EAMS Filing, Case Tracking, and Discovery tools, you can sign up here or call us:

If you only want mailing and have no need of California work comp related services, you can sign up here:

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