Filing Trial Exhibits in EAMS

by Andrea Macon

The WCAB has implemented many changes to accommodate Covid restrictions. One of those is that trial exhibits must be filed electronically — either via JetFile or eFile. There are two issues to consider when filing your trial exhibits:

  • The requirements of the judge and court.
  • The programmatic limitations of electronic filing.

Below, we have outlined feedback from judges AND have provided filing instructions to meet both the judges’ requirements and programming guidelines. Please note that it is common for different judges to have different requirements. If you encounter other requests from judges, please let us know.


  • When electronically filing ANY document via EDEX, do NOT include cover sheets and separator sheets.
  • Select “Unstructured” documents to access the list of EAMS document titles to choose from.
  • There is no document title called “Trial Exhibits”. Each document needs to be titled individually per its actual title.