EdexOne – Good changes. We promise.

by Andrea Macon

We have all had enough change in 2020. Thus, changes to your EDEX account may not be entirely welcome. However, we promise that you will love the new services available through our new interface — EDEXOne. We have included the grocery list of changes below and we will be following up with more detailed explanations of each service over the next few weeks. In the interim, we would also be happy to schedule a training webinar for your office. Like always, all training is unlimited and FREE. To arrange a training simply email andrea@edexis.com or julia@edexis.com or call 209-223-3461.

Here we go. Hang on to your inner Grumpy Cat.

  1. Mail Services: Mail ANY document to ANY address within the United States. Simply upload a PDF or Word document, choose your mail preferences and we take care of the printing, postage, and mailing. Say goodbye to your expensive Pitney Bowes machine and make mailing easier for your employees that are working from home. Preferences include:
  • First Class, Certified, Certified Return Receipt, Priority Mail, or Aggregated First Class
  • Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope included for the recipient
  • A custom envelope tagline
  • Single sided or double sided printing
  • Proof of Service
  • Company logo inclusion on first class and certified mail envelope in black and white
  • Status updates on delivery and online tracking
  • Unlimited archived documents
  • Online Address Book connected to your account so that you don’t have to re-enter addresses
  1. Form Additions: Imagine having those day-to-day forms you work with built into your EDEX account so that all of the ADJ data automatically populates and the interface allows you to easily enter the non-case related information on the fly. Imagine no more. These custom templates are now available. Regardless if forms are filed electronically to the board, or only mailed to other recipients, many of them can be added to your EDEX account. Forms already available include:
  • Compromise and Release (Wait until you see this super-smart form. Wowza!)
  • Stipulation with Request for Award (This one is pretty cool too!)
  • Applications for Adjudication (Ummm, yeah, well, you get the idea.)
  • Declaration of Readiness
  • Lien
  • Lien Amendment
  • Notice of Representation (and it comes with a tracking feature to confirm the update)
  • Notice of Phone Availability
  • Request for Order Taking off Calendar
  • Request for Withdrawal of Lien
  • Withdrawal of Declaration of Readiness
  • Notice of Additional Supporting Documents
  • Notice of Hearing
  • Post Settlement Demand Letter
  • Request for Insurance Claim Number (linked to a website so the carrier can submit the number online)
  • Most of the forms you can dream of. Just send us your wish list and a form sample.
  1. Signature Capture. We can build your signature into your account to sign all the applicable forms.
  2. File Net. EDEX can now link to EAMS to allow you to view case documents submitted by the other parties if you are a party to a case.
  3. Clio. Clio case management is a fantastic legal case management system that integrates with EDEX.
  4. Reports. Well, this one isn’t entirely new, but it seems that folks haven’t fully discovered how incredible this feature is. Just a few samples include:
  • Calendar report by either hearing date or receive date
  • Filing history report (in case you want an overview of what you have filed)
  • Lien payment report (great for auditing your credit card charges)
  • Liens vs. Casewatches (have I filed casewatches on all the right cases? — we can automate this too).
  • AutoReports: Many reports can be automated to show up in your email at a pre-defined day
  1. Payment Online. Let your accounting department know that they can log in and pay your invoice online. They will quickly receive a receipt to their email and confirmation of payment.
  2. Address Update and EAMS Data Review. When did you last review all of your address listings in EAMS or all of your associated case listings? Are all of those cases correctly associated to your UAN? Are you receiving all of your hearings via email yet? Or do some come via emial, some via fax, and some in the mail. Wouldn’t data consistency and oversight by nice? We do all of this for our clients at no charge. If you haven’t had an EAMS data audit, we highly recommend it. Remember, garbage in – garbage out! And ultimately garbage data will cost you – in time, if not also in money.

If you don’t currently have access to EDEXOne, we can set you up the same day. Simply contact customer support via email at Andrea@Edexis.com or Julia@Edexis.com, by phone at 209-223-3461 or at the link below.