DWC Mandated Electronic Filing

by Andrea Macon

Per the DWC’s May 28, 2020 Newsline, the “DWC will not accept walk-in filings, walk-through documents, or in-person requests at this time. DWC will only accept electronic filing via EAMS and JET File, and paper filing by U.S. mail.”

Now that the DWC is requiring that most documents be filed electronically into EAMS, there has been a scramble for manual filers to start filing electronically. While those choosing to JetFile can normally be up and filing the same day with the EDEXOne platform, those choosing to E-File with the DWC must wait for the next EAMS training (one every 5 weeks), attend a 3 hour, online training, and then navigate the steep E-filing learning curve.

Additional advantages of JetFiling vs. E-Filing include:

Unlimited UsersYesNo
Simultaneous FilingYesNo
Same/Next Day Set UpYesNo
Unlimited, Immediate TrainingYesNo
Automated Data PopulationYesNo
Notification of Failed FilingsYesNo
Firefox, Chrome, Safari CompatibleYesNo
Case Document ViewingYesYes
DOR Date RequestNoYes
Leave a Filing and Finish LaterYesNo
Automated Proof of ServiceYesNo
NOR Party List Follow UpYesNo
Lien Payment Confirmation Number StorageYesNo
Archived DocumentsYesNo
Documents Delivered to Other PartiesYesNo
Auto-Populated Custom TemplatesYesNo
Batch FilingYesNo
Mailing (First Class, Certified, Priority, SASE)YesNo
Automated Hearing CalendarYesNo
Case DiscoveryYesYes
Easy, Intuitive InterfaceYesNo
Lien Filing Fee Report for Payment AuditYesNo
Case Opening NotificationYesNo
New and Updated Party AlertsYesNo
DWC Data Management
– Address Updates
– Data Compilation From Various UAN’s/ERN’s
Cost: (99¢ Filing and 99¢ Party Delivery)AffordableFree