Cleaning House in EAMS

by Andrea Macon

We’ve all heard, “garbage in – garbage out” and it is certainly applicable to work comp data! One data element that can easily be cleaned up in EAMS is your address. However there is more to understanding this process than meets the eye.

Most work comp participants are familiar with the UAN (Uniform Assigned Name) that is defined and assigned by the DWC. For example, here are a few UAN’s assigned to SCIF:

If SCIF wanted to change their address for their Bakersfield office, they would very likely simply request that update for their UAN address. The problem is, SCIF, and almost all other work comp case parties, have multiple other addresses for that same entity that also need to be updated, or at least reviewed. Small doctor’s offices and law offices might only have 10 or 20 other listings, while larger offices might have several hundred.

Why do parties have all these different listings?

Each separate listing can be considered a folder. In each folder is at least one case, sometimes 20, sometimes hundreds. When an ADJ case is opened and a party is listed on that case, HOW they are listed can trigger a new FOLDER that contains that ADJ number. Ideally, all entities are listed with their UAN which avoids triggering new folders opening and puts all of their cases in one folder together. However, if a party is listed with a different naming convention, say with an extra space, or a different address, or “Lane” instead of “Ln” a new folder will open and create a new listing that may need its address updated in the future. While UAN’s have fixed much of this problem with current filings, old filings were not restricted by UAN’s.

If one of the myriad, non-UAN, addresses isn’t updated, any cases associated with that folder will have the wrong address listed on the party record. When other parties mail documents to that address for service, those documents may not be delivered.

Additionally, if you are an eFiler and have an EAMS account, you will ideally want to be able to view EVERY case where you are a party. If one of those cases happens to be under a different address and/or name variation it may not be connected to your EAMS account.

We can fix this for you as part of our address update services and EAMS case linking follow-up. There is no charge for this service. We simply provide it to ensure that the DWC’s data, and thus, our data, is as accurate as possible. If you would like to take advantage of a data review, please email a request to In your email, include:

  • Your current physical address
  • Your current mailing address
  • Any names and aliases. For example, a law firm name with the individual attorney names or a doctor’s name with the practice name. Ideally, a middle initial should be included for any individuals.
  • Contact information for your EAMS Administrator if applicable.
  • If you know you need an address update, you can simply submit the request found here:

Lastly, you may also want to mail the change of address notices to the parties on each WCAB case that you are involved with. We can do this for you with a batch mailing.

For a clean sweep or any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! or 209-223-3461