A Laundry List of EDEXIS Resources

by Andrea Macon

We thought we would take some time this week to provide some resources and updates that we find particularly helpful when it comes to mailing documents, electronically filing documents in EAMS, and providing answers to your most frequent questions.

FILING: As many of you have likely noticed, the upload page for Unstructured documents has had some improvements. You can now search for document titles by key words vs. looking up titles alphabetically. AND your Universal and Personal Templates are now easier to access.

MAILING: When mailing documents via your EDEXIS account, our standard first class mailing now provides further information about delivery status at no additional cost. We have integrated additional USPS automation that will continue to provide faster, more accurate updates as your mail travels to its destination. We also have a mailing certification report that will be added to your accounts soon and will be capturing Certified Mail signatures for easy viewing.

TRIAL EXHIBITS: We continue to get a lot of questions about submitting trial exhibits to EAMS. It is important to remember that there is no document title called “Trial Exhibit”. Each document you submit needs to have its own document title and be uploaded individually. For example (as shown below), if you were submitting a medical document, you might search the document titles list by “Medical” to see all titles that are available.

BLOG: In addition to our Trial Exhibit blog, our blog page contains past information about Companion Case Liens, Filing Functionality, IBR & SBR, Claim Number Discovery, Address Updates, Mailing Services, Post-Offer Pre-Employment, and DWC Updates.

WALK THRU DOCUMENTS: Another question that we hear often is how to walk through documents at the DWC. The best resource for that information is this DWC Newsline and the included links:

Last, but certainly not least, please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you may have. We are always happy to help!

Andrea Macon