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Our pre-populated forms and JetFile service make document filing fast & easy!


EAMS data pre-loaded

We automatically pre-load your state EDEX and EAMS data into each form so you have less data to enter and fewer chances of keying errors. We also provide the current party address list from EAMS for your Proof of Service form.

Filed in Seconds

JetFile TPF Service

Our proprietary JetFile TPF service validates each form and electronically sends it to the State of California within seconds. State tracking numbers are quickly availble to ensure your document was received by EAMS.


We'll lick the stamps, too!

Our patented document delivery service is integrated into our forms. We can print, stuff and mail official copies of your filings to every party you select. We include our Proof of Service and Delivery form and a USPS Proof of Mailing.

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