EDEX staff is working from home to do our part during this pandemic.
All services are fully operational. Thank you for your continued confidence in our services.

EdexisMailing Services

Mail Services

  • Mail any document within the United States.
  • Upload a PDF and we do the printing, apply the postage, and mail your document.
  • Proof of Service generated by request at no extra charge.
  • Mailed from California for faster west coast delivery.
  • Unlimited archived documents.
  • Includes up to 8 black & white images, $0.06 per image after 8th image.
  • Various mailing options available including:
    • Aggregated First Class: Mail is Combined by Recipient
    • Non Aggregated First Class
    • Certified & Certified Return Receipt
    • Priority mail
  • No monthly fee
  • No commitment
  • Credit card charged per transaction
  • Immediate online sign up

If you would prefer to speak with a customer service agent, please don't hesitate to call (866) 438-3339 for set up.